Our Friends

On this page you will find the list of links, which lead to blogs, diaries and web-pages of our friends and clients. Let’s stay in touch!

- Mary Jane & Nick Hese – WORLD ADVENTURES http://travelpod.com/members/nickandmaryjane
- Nina and Rob http://www.whiteacorn.com
- Paul and Brigitte – CIRCUMNAVIGATION http://www.circumnavigation.ch/
- Leslie Carvall – “Heaven can wait I’m busy – let’s save the children!” fund raising journey around the world http://www.heavencanwaitimbusy.com/
- Greg Paul and RALLY TOURS
- Choi Dong Ik, Ppeppe Family
- Nevil and Ulf at motoexped.com
- Jon Hancock and his wife in a 1987 HONDA CIVIC #My Journey

2 thoughts on “Our Friends

  1. Mark Dalton

    Thanks for the efficient processing of my shipping from Vladivostok. A pleasure to meet you and I would recommend your service to any passing traveller shipping out of Vladivostok

  2. Axel leonhardt

    Yuri & Svetlana make travel easy, take the complication out of Customs Clearance, help with other stuff, efficient, friendly, fair fees – just great. Thank you for your assistance with my stuff – much appreciated!


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