On this page you will get to know, WHAT can be shipped, what shipping SERVICES we offer and what EXTRA services you can count on while your stay in Vladivostok.

Links, Ltd. is arranging shipping and customs clearance of used, privately owned vehicles, like cars, motorcycles, campers, etc. Even if you are riding your privately owned truck, bus or bicycle – you are welcome to turn to us!

Exporting/importing of vehicles from/to Vladivostok

With the help of Links, Ltd. you will be able to ship your vehicle by all means of transport. Moreover, Links, Ltd. has reliable agents in many destinations and we would be glad to offer their help. Please use our Get-a-Quote option for full information, we will handle each request individually.

Choosing Links, Ltd. as your agent in Vladivostok you will not have to worry about the customs clearance of your vehicles – we will prepare all required paperwork and arrange customs clearance. Whatever transport you choose for shipping we can also arrange professional blocking/bracing of your vehicle according to international standards. You can visit our Gallery┬áto see how it is done.

Extra services

Depending on your wish Links, Ltd. can support you during your stay in Vladivostok, offering a range of extra services like booking of hotels/hostels, flights, tickets for ferry, solving problems with Russian SIM-cards and giving you friendly advice. Contact us now to find out more!