Unsere Freunde

Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Liste von links, die zu Blogs und Web-Seiten von unseren Freunden und Kunden führen. Bleiben wir in Kontakt!

- Mary Jane & Nick Hese – WORLD ADVENTURES http://travelpod.com/members/nickandmaryjane
- Nina and Rob http://www.whiteacorn.com
- Paul and Brigitte – CIRCUMNAVIGATION http://www.circumnavigation.ch/
- Leslie Carvall – “Heaven can wait I’m busy – let’s save the children!” fund raising journey around the world http://www.heavencanwaitimbusy.com/
- Greg Paul and RALLY TOURS
- Choi Dong Ik, Ppeppe Family
- Nevil und Ulf motoexped.com
- Jon Hancock and his wife in a 1987 HONDA CIVIC #My Journey

3 thoughts on “Unsere Freunde

  1. Mark Dalton

    Thanks for the efficient processing of my shipping from Vladivostok. A pleasure to meet you and I would recommend your service to any passing traveller shipping out of Vladivostok

  2. Axel leonhardt

    Yuri & Svetlana make travel easy, take the complication out of Customs Clearance, help with other stuff, efficient, friendly, fair fees – just great. Thank you for your assistance with my stuff – much appreciated!

  3. Anne & Anthony Speed

    Thank you Yuri and Svetlana for all your help and efficiency in clearing our bikes out of customs so fast. After talking to you about our plans over the past few months, it was great to finally meet you. Thank you for going over and beyond what we were expecting and your help in going to the right bank, telco for a sim card and organising the tunnel/fortress tour. We cannot thank you enough and we will continue to recommend your services to anyone requiring shipping to or from Vladivostok.


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