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Following the 1908 New York – Paris Expidition

When we first saw the papers of the Plymouth coming from Japan to Vladivostok we thought there was a misprint – “year of manufacture – 1928″ – you gotta be kidding! But when this 86 years old rarity easily sped up to 60 miles per hour all our doubts vanished: this is no ancient dinasaur, but a car well prepared for a long journey.


John, Eileen, Luke and Leo – the courage four, following one of the first long distance races, 1908 New York – Paris expidition. On two cars – the  1928 (!) Plymouth and a 2008 GMC Envoy – they are going to follow absolutely the same route of the 1908 race, going through Japan, Russia, China and Europe. Vladivostok was one of the first to welcome the travellers and to stare at the Plymouth. Wherever it happened to be it was always folowed by curious looks, crowds and cameras. Touching history is not something you experience every day… Thanks for paying us a visit and good luck on your long way!

“I think your car is funny looking, too” – a 1973 Austin Mini in Vladivostok

“What a cute little one!” was the first thought that came to mind when we saw this Austin Mini at the warehouse. The car and its owner – David Thomas – are used to this kind of attitude and have answers to all questions ready on the trunk lid: “I think your car is funny looking, too”. A little goes a long way though, and the Mini has been to many parts of the world
Wherever you put the car it gathers people around it at once. And David is eager to talk to people, letting them climb into and onto the car, take pictures and enjoy a quick discussion over the car’s power, mileage, etc. “Diddy Dave” and his Mini belong together, bringing their kindness, light and open hearts to the world. Thanks for leaving a little part of those to Links!


A 1966 HILMAN IMP adventures in Russia

Driving around the world on a four-wheel-drive well-equiped for the long journey must be tough, but just imagine going on such a trip by a small 1966 HILMAN IMP, carrying only its brave driver and two small bags. David Pilbeam from Australia can tell you how it feels: he shipped his HILMAN from Australia to Vladivostok at the beginning of June and Links, Ltd were happy to help him start his trip across Russia. The good old (literally) car immediately draw attention of everyone who came across it – the way from port to hostel made us all feel famous, pedestrians taking pictures and drivers beeping.

But popular does not mean invulnerable unfourtunately. Russia demanded much courage and effort of David, the car had to be fixed several times and got a new windscreen (due to a stray stone that came from under a truck). But in the end everything was good and HILMAN finally completed its Russian challenge and is now safe and sound in Helsinki. Along with David, to whom we pass our greetings and wish good luck!

Yuri driving HILMAN IMP out of the port

“Heaven can wait I’m busy – let’s save children” – radio interview at Links office

On the 30th of May Links, Ltd loaded two SUZUKI JIMNYs, heading on to Canada – a charity trip led by Leslie Carvall to raise funds for children. Les and his crew-mates, Michael and Cryon, make a radio interview every Thursday to keep their British fans updated while three determined men struggle from the West to where the sun rises. This time their usual connection to GB failed and Links was happy to offer their office and hospitality. One more interview and one more step forward towards children who need help. Thanks, Les, for letting us take part!

A helping Australian hand

Todays morning one more extraordinary vehicle was cleared and entered the roads of Vladivostok – MERCEDES BENZ UNIMOG, belonging to Rob and Nina. This incredible compact flat on wheels immediately attracted attention. Moreover, our Australian friends had an opportunity to help local police get rid of a traffic jam: on the way to hotel a bus was stuck, going up the hill, and the bright yellow giant was stopped and asked for help. The guys looked fantastic pulling the bus up the hill. Fine experience and a good start in Russia!

australian truck helping