A 1966 HILMAN IMP adventures in Russia

Driving around the world on a four-wheel-drive well-equiped for the long journey must be tough, but just imagine going on such a trip by a small 1966 HILMAN IMP, carrying only its brave driver and two small bags. David Pilbeam from Australia can tell you how it feels: he shipped his HILMAN from Australia to Vladivostok at the beginning of June and Links, Ltd were happy to help him start his trip across Russia. The good old (literally) car immediately draw attention of everyone who came across it – the way from port to hostel made us all feel famous, pedestrians taking pictures and drivers beeping.

But popular does not mean invulnerable unfourtunately. Russia demanded much courage and effort of David, the car had to be fixed several times and got a new windscreen (due to a stray stone that came from under a truck). But in the end everything was good and HILMAN finally completed its Russian challenge and is now safe and sound in Helsinki. Along with David, to whom we pass our greetings and wish good luck!

Yuri driving HILMAN IMP out of the port

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