Following the 1908 New York – Paris Expidition

When we first saw the papers of the Plymouth coming from Japan to Vladivostok we thought there was a misprint – “year of manufacture – 1928″ – you gotta be kidding! But when this 86 years old rarity easily sped up to 60 miles per hour all our doubts vanished: this is no ancient dinasaur, but a car well prepared for a long journey.


John, Eileen, Luke and Leo – the courage four, following one of the first long distance races, 1908 New York – Paris expidition. On two cars – the  1928 (!) Plymouth and a 2008 GMC Envoy – they are going to follow absolutely the same route of the 1908 race, going through Japan, Russia, China and Europe. Vladivostok was one of the first to welcome the travellers and to stare at the Plymouth. Wherever it happened to be it was always folowed by curious looks, crowds and cameras. Touching history is not something you experience every day… Thanks for paying us a visit and good luck on your long way!

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